Schooner SUVA

Do you love sailing or want to learn how to sail? We raise the sails anytime the wind is fair and we welcome your participation.  You can have a turn at the helm, hoist and trim the sails, assist with navigation, or sit back and relax while we handle everything.  Captain Lloyd has taught many people how to sail and would be happy to share his skills with you too. 

If you or your family or friends are planning on a vacation in the Pacific North West, then stop by Port Townsend, WA for a trip on a classic sailing yacht, the schooner Suva.  

Checkout the adventures and their schedules listed below to see which you would enjoy and contact us to make a reservation. 

Click  on the line to see the description and schedule.

  • Suva is a member of the Pacific Northwest Schooner Association and has been sailing in the Puget Sound since 1925. 
  • We are also a Business Member of the Northwest Maritime Center/Woodenboat Foundation.

 ****See our ad in the Pt Guide under Recreation, boating and sailing

We apologise for the inconvenience. Schooner Suva is no longer chartering. Suva is up for sale.